How BI for mobile devices on top of Big Data can transform your employees, customers, and enterprise

BI is going Mobile – in a ‘Big’ way.   Business decisions are not always made in the corner office or cubicle.  They are made on retail floors, in delivery trucks, on an ambulance, or at the laboratory.

Mobile BI delivers intelligence to where ever your team makes the critical decisions.   By delivering the right information to the right people at the right time, mobile BI accelerates response to real-time information and enables a more agile enterprise.

Big data

Big data is exponentially enhancing intelligence quotient of BI by better leveraging all data inside and outside an enterprise; this intelligence can empower business decisions in terms of both timing and reasoning

Combination of Mobile BI and Big Data

Now the combination of Mobile BI and Big Data further reduces the gap between data generation and business decision.

In a recent survey conducted by SAP, 70% of CIOs envisioned killer Big Data apps useful to their enterprises, but interestingly most of them chose not to reveal the idea as it would reduce the competitive advantage.

What types of mobile analytics on Big Data apps could these CIO’s consider so critical to a market advantage?  Possibilities include geospatial intelligence, behavioral intelligence, enhanced customer interaction, etc.

Sample Use case

For U.S. Xpress Inc., a trucking company based in Chattanooga, Tenn., the driver to move to Big Data analytics and real-time BI reporting was a desire to get more out of the large volumes of sensor data being collected from the company’s trucks. U.S. Xpress was looking to use the data to enable its fleet managers to “answer very specific, detailed questions” about trucking operations.

Phani K Reddy is a Big Data Architect with Bodhtree, a leader in Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Big Data services. Bodhtree provides Hadoop implementation and maintenance services as an end-to-end service to solve specific business challenges.

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Stop Spreadsheet Chaos with SAP® BusinessObjects™ from Bodhtree

Most organizations use spreadsheets as their standard analytical tool and spend significant efforts to obtain data for making critical business decisions. Business Intelligence: The Definitive Guide for Midsize Organizations from SAP provides a comprehensive overview of BI and the facts you need to make an educated investment that will change the course of your business for years to come!

BI allows business users to analyze and better understand organization’s plans and results. It provides insight into what’s working correctly while identifying potential problem areas in time for corrective actions to be taken. It can be used to recognize opportunities as well as problems, and alert your organization to potential issues when exception conditions occur—such as sales dropping 20% below forecast or inventory falling below a threshold value.

The following scenarios represent typical situations that could benefit from improved business intelligence (BI):

Multiple versions of the truth. Interdepartmental meetings frequently turn into shouting matches as participants argue about whose spreadsheet has the correct figures.

Inability to perform in-depth analysis. Your company knows which of its retail outlets have the greatest sales volume, but it doesn’t know which products have the highest sales.

Need for simple-to-use production reporting technology. Your accounting department uses a word processor to generate customer invoices. Customers frequently complain about being invoiced twice for the same purchase or shipment.

Historical values are not being retained. The sales department is conducting account reviews and wishes to compare each customer’s sales-to-date this year with its sales-to-date at this time last year. Sales maintains a spreadsheet for this year’s results, but the person who maintained the spreadsheet last year has left the company—and no one has any idea what happened to last year’s spreadsheet.

Business Intelligence provides relevant, actionable and near real-time information for enhanced decision-making capabilities. Find out how you can improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness – and eliminate Spreadsheet Chaos – with Business Intelligence: The Definitive Guide for Midsize Organizations.

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