CRM helped to achieve greater ROI

I have been involved in developing and consequently providing mission critical solutions to various clients across domains. Our organization was designing a web-based CRM solution for a renowned play music school for children. When I dwelled a little to know about the nature of the business this organization runs, I was quite fascinated. It is a play music school for children that also conducts child parent interactive programs. The subtle yet innocent and priceless nature of relationship between a child and a parent, and designing a solution for an organization that thinks 24X7 to come up with ideas to facilitate, reinforce and rejuvenate that relation had a humongous positive impact on my desire to work on this project.

I wanted to share an experience of working on this particular project from my perspective. Leveraging the cloud via to architect business solutions in itself was a challenge. Client had an immediate business need where forecasting sales data with a limited visibility of sales, marketing, vendor management and financial processes was a challenge. In addition to this there was a lack of transparency in product attendance, franchise performance, vendor management and incentive management processes. We architected a solution that addressed clients current business needs and helped them to adopt Cloud based CRM.

As a part of implementation we have had 50 plus business entities designed and had relationships maintained across all of them. While designing various reusable queries to extract, transform, load the data and vice versa, we had a subconscious intuition of ensuring a seamless system performance and also maintain the SF Code Coverage. Key business processes were customized using VF pages.  Scheme management is a great example that perfectly depicts the complexity of the process for which the solution has been engineered.  The dynamic nature of Terms and Conditions getting modified per the scheme that the customer chooses presented me a great challenge while working and huge satisfaction after achieving it.

A day came when the final version of the engineered software was pushed in to production ensuring that the Client’s business processes are aligned, systematized and configured seamlessly in CRM with a central repository of child and parent database. Many more features were architected pretty smartly abiding by the industry standards, which made the customer happy. Cloud based CRM helped them achieve greater ROI, by saving 40% of the cost over traditional on-premise software.

This is a classic example of how CRM provides a magnificent, resilient, reliable and a near error free solution to the client.

There was a huge sense of achievement after accomplishing this project and the fact that we had to call it a day for this particular client with the nature of business that has unprecedentedly made me emotional.

Balaji Reddy is heading SFDC Practice at Bodhtree with a skill set on Project Management, Client Engagement and Business Consulting. His key area of expertise in software development is & Siebel with focus on Sales, Marketing, and Service areas

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