Social media analytics to gauge brand awareness

Social Media AnalyticsCustomers today are more than just customers where using social networking they influence others and reveal their buying trends. Data is everywhere but the ability to get insights out of it is becoming challenging day-by-day. Social media analytics here plays a critical role in capturing some of the vital clues with respect to the consumer data to make informed business decisions. (more…)

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Visual analytics: Making sense out of data

Visual-AnalyticsGone are the days when Business Intelligence tools were limited to just spreadsheets and reports with facts and figures. Visual analytics has emerged as the fastest way to understand data and transform information into action. It combines automated analysis techniques with interactive visualization tools to effectively understand any complex data and further help in reasoning and taking right decisions basing on the datasets. (more…)

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Faster access to insights with Tableau

tableau-Visual-analyticsToday,sighting data is an emerging technology trend as the focus of analytics sector is been shifting from enterprise to innovative philosophy.

Organizations across industries understand the importance of providing the opportunity to their employees to conduct day to day data analysis regardless of technical background. Companies don’t need the number of people instead they need more access to the information across various levels. The better the employees equipped with the data the efficient the decisions will be. (more…)

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Retail intelligence to delight your customers

E Retail Commerce AnalyticsYou don’t suffer from a lack of data. But you no doubt face an avalanche of questions about how that data can be used to drive your site.

According to the PwC report Future of India – The Winning Leap, emergence of new technologies, especially mobile, in India has sparked a social change that’s difficult to quantify. While mobile, internet, and social media penetration and growth can be quantified, describing the changes in social values and lifestyles that have accompanied those trends is far more challenging. (more…)

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