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Bodhtree was founded on principles of building trust be it customers, partners or employees. And has operated according to the guided principle of trust, integrity, ethics, character and values. These core values are instrumental for our evolution as successful Global Company. These values are not only important in our relationship with customers and partners, but also critical in our relationship with our team members and strategic groups. Our teams and groups constitute people from various diverse cultures, who have contributed significantly for our success.

At Bodhtree, we respect people from various diverse cultures and backgrounds, and diversity among our groups and teams has been our strength. Each day we create conducive environment to our think tank to find technology solutions, innovation to our customers needs and wants. Our diverse views open up a window, as each of our customers, alliance partners, groups and team mates, and the communities we serve has different views. They trust that we take these views into account as we plan our business. So that we can deliver the best we can by understanding the needs and perspective of each one.

We maintain the sanctity of diversity of work, with out compromising on our Vision, Mission, and Values. We realize that not only is it the right thing to do for our customers and communities, but also that the diversity of our strategic groups will help our company to accelerate and innovate customer businesses in the present day market dynamics.

It is the policy of Bodhtree Human Resources to afford equal employment opportunity to qualified individuals regardless of their colour, race, religion, caste, Gender, nationality and will not discriminate on any other factors in its hiring process, and to conform to applicable laws and regulations. Members are hired, based on the employment opportunities and current needs. You may visit, Join Bodhtree page of this site to know more about the current openings and opportunities. We shall be glad to accept your candidature; your further selection process is subject to your qualifications and experience that matches our requirements.

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