Customer Testimonials

  • I am writing to share a note of thanks to Bodhtree for the quality of service they’ve provided for migrating the data from Oracle CRM to Salesforce. We sincerely appreciate Bodhtree's efficient customer service, and the level of detail and accountability they have demonstrated on this project. All the planned tasks were completed on time and the team was quick to resolve any issues thereafter. Special thanks to Mohit Sharma and his team for quick course correction and for accomplishing the work on time. We look forward to continuing our business relationship in the future as well.

    Solomon G,
    MPS Limited.
  • Just a quick note of “Job Excellently Done” by our team on the 360 Degree Module in TMT..

    This module was sorely needed by ATS sales and marketing teams for the planning for next year as we need to drill down into our DBs with respect to account activities. I requested the SD team to jump on this and provide this module to me ASAP. They simply did a great job. The data is well presented, we can drill down, export to excel and above all it is lightening fast --- just impressive.

    Pls thank them on our behalf and in recognition of their focused efforts, we are sending a $250.00 (each) thank you gift with the next monthly payment to Bodhtree.

    Kaveh Azar,
    Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc.
  • Thank you very much for your work in the last couple of weeks updating the Sun Pharma Australia website. I have just checked the final edits and they are perfect. Thank you once again for a job well done! We are most impressed with the speed of your responses and edits. Many thanks!

    Isabella Sugani,
    Product Manager,
    Sun Pharma ANZ
  • Bodhtree has done a good job of upholding our CRM and Marketing Automation systems. We have complicated webhooks calling our product and pushing data to these systems, along with a unique nurture program. The person carrying out the work was fully committed, moving into the position with confidence. Bodhtree did a great job appointing the right representative who adapted to the quickness of our swift growing enterprise. We reached a level of comfort with Bodhtree very quickly. We were genuinely impressed with the quality of service.

    Kristina Izais,
    Marketing Manager,
  • We have been using since two and a half years and we are highly impressed with Bodhtree’s CRM consulting services. It has simplified the process of managing customer accounts, leads and resolving issues pertaining to sales. I appreciate the help and service provided from time to time.

    Shantanu Gupta
    FICCI Research & Analysis Centre
  • Salesforce has made managing sales more sane.

    Navneet Taori, VP
    Business development,
  • We can see the status of our entire business in who is working on what and where it is in the deal cycle. We are perfectly positioned to provide a proactive service.

    B.V. Srinivas,
    Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories
  • I have been working with Bodhtree for the past three years and they have always provided high quality services.

    Aditya Rao,
    Director-New Projects,
    Pennar Industries Ltd.
  • In the last few years, I have had several opportunities to interact with Bodhtree for the Salesforce CRM implementation and customisation. I have been advising at various Travel Companies in the consulting portfolio.

    I have to say that I have found these instances professionally creative. Bodhtree as a partner is well informed and evolved in the Travel domain

    Ashish Kumar,
    Chief Executive Officer,
    ITH travel consultant

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