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The cost of managing chronic diseases is 5 times more than the average healthcare cost. Healthcare Payers are increasingly looking for advanced solutions to lower overall healthcare cost and provide a better patient experience. A payer that puts the customer at the center requires seamless integration across communication channels and functions, and a holistic view of the enterprise.

Bodhtree offers patient centric solutions that enable healthcare payers to lower costs, provide better services and enhance patient loyalty.

Our Solutions
  • Bodhtree's solutions enable payers to gain insights that are required to focus on clinical outcomes and provide better services in a cost effective manner.
    • Population Health Management : Achieve optimal clinical and financial outcomes by effectively communicating and collaborating with members and providers
    • CRM implementation & support services: Customized solutions using and Veeva CRM
  • Disease/Case management program: Streamline the use of health benefits while reducing claims and absenteeism
    • Facilitates out of hospital health management, medical home/primary care physician and plan of care
    • Emphasizes prevention of exacerbations and complications using evidence-based guidelines and patient driven management
    • Evaluate clinical outcomes on an ongoing basis with the goal of improving overall health
    • Multi-disciplinary care team to support more intensive disease management for patients with co-morbid conditions
  • Patient Engagement Portal: Provides patients, healthcare providers and payers with a system for communication and care management
    • Features such as scheduling, video consult and chat communication, online real time availability of patients data securely, integration to external apps and wearables – all within one application makes it best suited for providers and group practices/networks
    • Minimizes patient’s unnecessary visits to his physicians while ensuring accessibility and results in improved quality of care
    • Reduces healthcare provider’s workload and saves transportation time and costs for patients
    • Facilitate the professional’s workflow without interfering with his day to day activities
  • Health Intelligence & Analytics: Helps healthcare organizations integrate multiple data sources to measure business performance
    • Decision support system for measuring operational and financial performance and providing better patient care
    • Longitudinal view of patient, across a host of disparate systems and provides a view of the patient across the continuum of care
    • Decision support system concerning patient care, operational and financial performance
    • Increased quality in patient care delivery due to timely access to key clinical quality indicators
    • Improved regulatory compliance with HIPAA through policy, information architecture and processes
    • Enhanced information delivery capability and optimization of available resources
    • Establishes accountability and coordination of care through outcome measures
    • Reduce overall cost of care for chronic cases

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