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Healthcare organizations are seeking ways to improve their workflows and information management for quicker admissions and discharges, more accurate control of medicines and supplies, faster coding and billing, and efficient patient processes that support optimal care.

Current Challenges for Healthcare Providers Organization
  • New technology and infrastructure considerations
  • Heightened regulation and reform
  • Tight margins
  • Enable seamless information sharing
  • Integrate with Health Information Exchanges
  • Improve patient outcomes and reduce medication errors
  • Ensure security of protected health information

Our Focus Areas
  • Disease Management Solutions Multi disciplinary Protocol and outcome based care delivery for patients with chronic diseases
  • PC and Mobile Enabled PHRs Enabling individuals to maintain their health diary and improve the quality and efficiency of care
  • Portal/Mobile Based Tele Health Patient Engagement Frameworks Guides healthcare organizations in developing and strengthening their patient engagement strategies through the use of eHealth tools and resources
  • BI Analytics Help healthcare providers in building more efficient, sustainable healthcare systems and collaborating on treatment
    decision-making to improve patient care and outcomes
  • EMR Support Services Implementation, interfacing and integration of EMR and Hospital Information Systems

Patient Engagement Frameworks
  • Bodhtree offers a secure and integrated platform to enable seamless communication modality between patients and their associated provider/provider groups - clinical data sharing, video consultations and diagnostic reports. It allows patients to connect with their doctors from anywhere and enables providers to engage with patients effectively. The platform allows secure web based and mobile communication is compliant with HIPAA, PDPA and HL7 standards. The solution can be integrated with wearables and remote monitoring devices to fetch the data and provide the longitudinal view of patient’s health. It supports patient referral and peer to peer review/second opinion on patient health record with patient approval and consent.

Value Proposition

  • Worked with healthcare providers organization worldwide to streamline their clinical, financial and technical operations
  • Reduce costs and rationalize the overall spend to fund new investments for enhancing health delivery
  • Proficiency in providing quality services to the provider segment
  • Connectors available to integrate with insurance provider systems, payer communities, EMR/EHR, HIMS/HMS, disease specific programs
  • Reduces healthcare provider’s workloads and saves transportation time and costs for patients
  • Improved regulatory compliance with HIPAA through policy, information architecture and processes

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