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Bodhtree Solutions for Pharmaceutical business processes


Over the last few years, the Pharmaceutical industry has been experiencing multiple challenges such as stringent Government regulations, new pricing policies, increasing R&D costs and the patent cliff. There is a compelling need to develop new generic drugs to address the demands of doctors and patients worldwide. There exists an increasing need for IT organizations with core pharmaceutical domain expertise for lending their services to API, Formulations, Bulk Drugs and Contract Research Pharmaceutical companies in India, Middle East, APAC and US.

We at Bodhtree understand pharmaceutical business processes and provide niche services in Product engineering, Analytics, Cloud and Enterprise services to help address our client needs and challenges. Having worked extensively with Global API and Formulation companies, we are uniquely positioned to help them address issues pertaining to critical production and operational business units, gaps in process development and manufacturing, customer relationship management and new product development.

Our differentiators for Pharmaceutical enterprises
  • Improve critical pharma units: Solutions that speed up your drug development, clinical trials, process efficiencies, quality and compliance and innovation
  • Custom App development: Custom applications and tools to manage and optimize key business processes
  • Sales process re-engineering: Salesforce CRM consulting to improve, unify and re-engineer global sales, apps to provision speed and agility in day to day operations
  • Analytics for greater insights: Gain insights into the various stages of new product development and high level custom dashboards to monitor measure and analyze various functions of the plant

We helped several well-known global pharmaceutical companies in improving their process efficiencies to achieve their business goals across their different divisions through our IT services and readily available pharma accelerators.

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