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    Over the last few years the digital revolution has radically altered the way organizations conduct business. While consumers want powerful devices and applications to stay connected, manufacturing firms turn towards technology to enhance efficiency in order to produce the best products, faster and at the lowest cost.

    Bodhtree’s Manufacturing solutions provide enhanced visibility into your operations and optimize your return on present investments. By leveraging deep industry expertise and using IT to align processes and applications with business strategy, Bodhtree can help you streamline production processes, improve supply chain visibility and accelerate time to market. Global manufacturing companies leverage our solutions to invest strategically in new opportunities and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

    A few examples of our solutions

    Bodhtree specializes in Product Engineering, Analytics, Cloud and Enterprise Services, a portfolio abbreviated as “PACE”. We help our customers use technology as an enabler to maximize innovation, create differentiation and provide better customer service.

    Migration to SharePoint Online for a leading auto parts manufacturer

    Bodhtree migrated their on-premise SharePoint installation to a cloud-based SharePoint platform. The migration reduced the customer’s infrastructure and support costs, while providing greater flexibility for mobility solutions and security access management.

    Big Data implementation for a large toy and game manufacturer

    Bodhtree implemented a complete big data topology for our client to enable improved understanding of customer preferences and buying habits. With this solution, our client could visualize their business data in multiple ways and uncover insights that enabled them to make faster and fact-based decisions to increase customer lifetime and revenue.

    Application Maintenance and Support for a leading telecom company

    Ensured the long-term dependability of Oracle systems through 24x7, SLA-driven application maintenance and support. Additionally delivered enhancements and configuration services to align business processes with evolving requirements. Supported databases for over 170 third party applications like, Kronos, SharePlex, etc. Data center migration from AT&T to CenturyLink; Platform migration from physical OS to Sun Zones. implementation for a large manufacturing firm

    Bodhtree’s solution comprised a multi-phase rollout of sales and marketing automation solution with realigned internal processes like PIF (Project Information form), OMD, and JAF (Job acceptance form). Using Apex code, Bodhtree built a custom object to manage all leads and customer subscriptions. Bodhtree also customized lead status to extend funnel stages and implemented tailored lead qualification processes for different segments. A robust forecasting module displays future sales projections and accomplishments.

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