Our Customers

Our Customers

    • GMR Aerospace Park, Hyderabad

      GMR Aerospace

      Bodhtree has been associated with GMR in providing website and portal management services

    • Advanced Thermal Solutions (US)

      Advanced Thermal Solutions (US)

      Bodhtree helped developing e-commerce portal for Advance thermal solutions which is a leading edge engineering /manufacturing company

    • Sesa Goa (India)

      Sesa Goa (India)

      One of largest producer and exporter of iron leveraged Bodhtree SFDC implementation

    • GC Dental (India)

      GC Dental (India)

      GC Dental uses Bodhtree to power its products & services. Bodhtree implemented SFDC coupled with mobile services.

    • Pebbs pennar

      Pebbs pennar

      A leading manufacturing company which is into Supplying and Installing pre-engineered building components for industries turned towards bodhtree for SFDC implementation for their internal processes.

    • Navayuga


      Bodhtree helped Navayuga a leading infrastructure company in implementing SFDC

    • Dr.Reddy™s (India)

      Dr.Reddy™s (India)

      Dr Reddy™s a forbes 250 company leverage Bodhtree expertise in SFDC implementation ,BI, data management App building & developing along with on demand staffing services & so on.

    • O&M International (Dubai)

      O&M International (Dubai)

      O&M one of the most prominent medical surgical distributors and a fortune 150 company turned to Bodhtree for data cleansing, data management and
      healthcare services

    • GVK Bio (India)

      GVK Bio (India)

      A leading bio pharma company leverage Bodhtree's expertise to enable SFDC & Force.com implementation, bodhtree has developed web based Apps ,portal management & e-commerce websites

    • Symed Pharma (India)

      Symed Pharma (India)

      Symed pharma leveraged Bodhtree expertise in .Net and portal management services

    • Hetero (India)

      Hetero (India)

      Hetero a global pharma leader uses Bodhtree expertise in .Net and portal management services

    • Neuland labs (India)

      Neuland labs (India)

      Bodhtree has developed portal for Neuland labs

    • Vetoquinol (India)

      Vetoquinol (India)

      The 10th largest veterinary pharmaceutical company in the world dedicated to animal health turned to Bodhtree for SFDC implementation with sales cloud , force .com and chatter

    • Everest Organics (India)

      Everest Organics (India)

      One of the bulk drug manufacturing company leveraged Bodhtree SFDC implementation

    • Cisco


      Cisco turned to Bodhtree to enable, Quality assurance services, and product engineering services

    • HP (US)

      HP (US)

      HP one of the fortune 500 companies turns towards Bodhtree in achieving innovation by enabling SOA & webservices

    • Infotech Enterprises (India)

      Infotech Enterprises (India)

      The leading engineering solutions provider InfoTech uses Bodhtree to power SFDC implementation with sales cloud

    • Q-Logic


      Bodhtree expertise in BI powered Q- Logic a computer network solution provider to achieve cutting edge and technology advancement in its business processes.

    • Plaksa

      Plaksa (US)

      Plaksa a leading job portal in USA leverage Bodhtree™s expertise to transform their business by removing technical bottlenecks

    • Caliber Point (India)

      Caliber Point (India)

      Content Here

    • Gowra Bits&Bytes

      Gowra Bits&Bytes

      Bodhtree has been associated with Gowra Bits & Bytes in developing custom applications & e-commerce based portal

    • ECCI Group (Philippines)

      ECCI Group (Philippines)

      ECCI a leading training and business consulting company in APAC region turned towards Bodhtree to achieve performance excellence with SFDC implementation

    • Communicate 2 (India)

      Communicate 2 (India)

      Communicate 2 a leading search engine marketing leverage Bodhtree™s SFDC implementation

    • Astra Infotech (India)

      Astra Infotech (India)

      Astra Infotech the software engineering company turned to Bodhtree for help in implementing sales cloud

    • Infopro (India)

      Infopro (India)

      Infopro leverage Bodhtree to track complete project life cycle with SFDC implementation

    • Oblix


      Oblix turned to Bodhtree for SOA based services

    • GTESS


      GTESS a technology provider in healthcare automation leveraged Bodhtree™s expertise in developing healthcare customized solutions

    • Many Futures (US)

      Many Futures (US)

      Bodhtree helped Many Futures in product development & product outsourcing

    • Confluent Software (US)

      Confluent Software (US)

      Confluent an application based on security built by Bodhtree which has been taken over by Oracle

    • Securant (US)

      Securant (US)

      XACML based entitlement management solution Built by Bodhtree acquired by top global leader

    • Immenso (US)

      Immenso (US)

      Immenso leverage Bodhtree expertise in IT services and Product engineering

    • AOD (US)

      AOD (US)

      AOD is an offshore partner for Bodhtree in BI and analytics.Bodhtree helped AOD to implement SFDC

    • CDM (College of Defence Management)

      CDM (College of Defence Management)

      CDM leveraged Bodhtree expertise in Product development (IT consulting)

    • ISB (Indian School of Business)

      ISB (Indian School of Business)

      One of the top 20 B-School in the world turned towards Bodhtree for innovation and advance technology

    • Alliant University (US)

      Alliant University (US)

      Learn how Alliant a pioneer in professional education collaborates multiple campuses at one place with SFDC implementation

    • Mexus Education (India)

      Mexus Education (India)

      Bodhtree helps Mexus in creating futuristic education models with SFDC implementation

    • Gist


      Gist a leading information access and management solution provider leveraged Bodhtree expertise in building portal on force.com

    • Guthy Renker

      Guthy Renker

      Guthy Renker one of the largest direct marketing companies across world leveraged Bodhtree™s data management & BI services

    • KBR(US)


      To be successful in any real estate market in the world requires global collaboration. KBR uses Bodhree in enabling force .com and in building applications

    • Creed Engineering (India)

      Creed Engineering (India)

      Creed engineering turned to Bodhtree for SFDC implementation to enable sales cloud across the organization

    • Popcorn Home Entertainment (US)

      Popcorn home entertainment (US)

      Popcorn being a Video on demand services turned to Bodhtree to reach out its online customers

    • Press Mart (India)

      Press Mart (India)

      Bodhtree helped Pressmart a global online press with implementing SFDC to simplify the job of selling and supporting customers

    • Work Horse (US)

      Work Horse (US)

      Bodhtree enables work horse with Sales cloud & SFDC implementation

    • Fire Fly (HT Media)

      Fire Fly (HT Media)

      Fire fly a leading media company turned to Bodhtree for enabling Sales cloud & SFDC implementation

    • Zumba Fitness

      Zumba Fitness

      Zumba fitness leveraged Bodhtree™s SAS and product development expertise.

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